THE VIP Experience

Create your course in one weekend

Research. Create. Grow Your reach. 

So you’re a health coach? You’ve been working with clients one-on-one, enough to know that you love this work. Maybe you’ve taught a workshop here and there.

You’re in.

You know what you do helps people…and you keep imagining how to grow that impact without burning out yourself.

This is the point when most coaches turn to creating online courses, and there are hundreds of online programs all about creating your “awesome” online course.

The issue is, they don’t always turn out so awesome..

They’re rushed.
They’re more about how to market than create quality courses.
If you aren’t sure what to teach, they say pick a niche and go from there. (please don’t.)

People investing in these courses are overwhelmed, feeling burned, and less certain about who to trust teaches what they say they do. (don’t get sucked in!)

The truth is, most of the people teaching these online course creation programs aren’t teachers nor do they understand how to teach…they’re marketers

Learn from someone who has the experience and training to create the kind of curriculum that has the learner in mind. One that helps you step into truly becoming a wonderful teacher. 

And quit putting it off or wasting time with false promises about how you can skip a bunch of steps and have an awesome course to show for it.
Create something meaningful.

That’s why I created these VIP weekends.

What this is for…

1. You’re an experienced health and wellness coach with a holistic focus

2. You have enough experience working with one-on-one clients to have a clear idea of your strengths as a coach and what you’re most inspired to teach

3. You’re committed to doing the work and doing it well. You care about delivering a high quality, high impact course that truly cares about the experience and transformation of its participants



The Process



No need to force a niche and see if it works. I will show you a researched process I teach clients to really narrowing down their messsage for a high quality course. 


Focus Your Topic

In our first meeting, I will guide you through narrowing your message into a highly defined, highly impactful course topic. 



Don’t guess what people need. I’ll teach you how to do high quality research, to dig deeper into what people really want, and create from there.


Analyze, Outline, Create

After you send your research notes over, I will put together an analysis for our first VIP day. From this analysis, we get to begin outlining and writing the curriculum!  


Write the thing

For VIP Day One and Day Two we will co-write a high quality, well-researched, and thoughtful course curriculum including writing your video scripts, handouts, and course structure


Map Out and Launch

We will have a follow up meeting to plan out your copy for your sales page and your launch schedule. You’ll have a clear plan of action and you’re ready to go! 

The End Product

  • A well-researched, highly individualized ready to launch online course that is designed with your most ideal clients in mind
  • Complete video lesson scripts you can take to your first recording
  • Completed PDF handouts to go along with each module of your course
  • A clear message and guidance on how to put it together in to clear sales page copy that captures the benefits and transformation of your course
  • Bonus: Custom made social media graphic package with your branding and course title

your investment

Payment Plan

7 payments of $547
  • One 30 minute check-in session beforehand where you’ll plan the research for your course.
  • Two 6 hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday to analyze research, structure the curriculum, write the course, and plan the video scripts, PDFs, and other resources.
  • One 30 minute hour wrap-up call within a month of your weekend to check-in around where to go from there.
  • Bonus: Custom made Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Facebook Ad, and Facebook Event Banner for your course.

Most Important To KNow…

Is this for you and how to know….

VIP weekends were born out of request. I had been running my one-on-one consulting practice for two years and this need kept arising: a time to sit down and create all in one go.

So it started as a thing I’d only offer one-on-one consulting client after we’d spent at least 6 months together working on their coaching skills, onboarding process with clients, and after they’d had experience working with private clients. I truly believe experience is so necessary before creating courses and programs. 

So that’s the biggest criteria: experience working with clients BEFORE we do the VIP weekend. 

If you’re a new health coach and looking for more experience, START HERE

If you’re thinking of becoming a certified coach who also cares about helping clients get to the deeper, underlying reasons for their relationship with food, I recommend going HERE 


After you enroll..

1. Choose your payment plan option below. 

2. Choose the available VIP weekend and complete your payment through Acuity. 

3. Keep an eye out from with your orientation packet and link to book your planning call. 

4. Celebrate because you just did something AMAZING!

If you have questions before booking, please email directly. 

If you’re ready to enroll, you can do that below…

Payment Plan

4 payments of $547
  • One 30 minute check-in session beforehand where you’ll plan the research for your course.
  • Two 6 hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday to analyze research, structure the curriculum, write the course, and plan the video scripts, PDFs, and other resources.
  • One 30 minute hour wrap-up call within a month of your weekend to check-in around where to go from there.
  • Bonus: Custom made Facebook Group, Facebook Page, Facebook Ad, and Facebook Event Banner for your course.

Christina Grice

Sarah’s style is an incredibly freeing way to work...I chose to work with Sarah because she was so intentional in creating a space to do her best to understand who I was before we even had our first meeting...Sarah, starting from meeting number one, was able to connect with me on a level that was incredibly perceptive and relatable. She took the time to understand my message and conveyed it back to me in a way that not only was completely accurate but poetic.

~Christina Grice is the founder of and helps women of color entrepreneurs profit in their business by balancing their lives and their money.

Marina Francis

Sarah’s style is an incredibly freeing way to work. Whatever we did was always dovetailed with her full-out invitation/reminder to stay true to who I am and how I want to create, NOT someone else’s “good idea”, or what worked for them.

~Marina Francis is the Founder of and has been a coach, counselor, and speaker with 18 years in the field of transformational growth

Sheryl Puterman

As a newer health coach, as someone in a start up business, it’s pretty overwhelming. You’re excited, you want to do so many things all at once…yet there’s a system. I know exactly moving forward, the way I’d like to represent myself and my company and grow further from that place of being clear…to stand up boldly with a voice and not shy away from that.

~Sheryl Puterman is the founder of and is an internationally trained and certified Mind Body Nutrition Coach who helps you break free from unwanted eating challenges.

Christine Blacke

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful coach, teacher, listener, cheerleader, etc. you are.

I am amazed how you can listen to what someone says (even if they don't know what they are trying to say), decipher it, and be able to put into words what is really at the heart of the conversation.

Working with people in this way is truly your calling!

~Christine Blacke is a writer who is launching Blacke Cat Tales, a space for new writers to receive a more holistic and honest approach to writing when you have a busy life

Jenn Visser

Working with Sarah has been the best! I felt so confident with guidance. She helped me a ton getting the structure of building a business from ground zero to up and running. I’m so appreciative of her coaching in both business and life because they're both so intertwined. Thanks, Sarah!

~Jenn Visser is a Certified Mind-Body Health Coach and certified RTT hypnotherapist. She helps women create a healthy relationship with food and body. Specializing in Mindset, Habits (Making and breaking) and Hypnotherapy.

Mariella Danspeckgruber Borschow

I found Sarah because I really needed help focusing my coaching business. She guided me to discover what I am best at - and what my unique coaching style is so that I can attract the right clients. She is amazing at uncovering your voice and creating concise copy for whatever your marketing needs may be.

~Mariella is a certified eating psychology coach, yoga instructor and mindfulness coach. After working and living in the fast-paced corporate world for ten years where she witnessed and lived the effects of that environment, she has made it her mission to help clients tune in, and feel their absolute best so that they can function at their highest potential. 

Kelci Cannady

Working with Sarah is like a coaching turbo boost: an accelerated program of sweeping around and gathering all of the bits and pieces from your head, getting them OUT, piecing them together and recapturing them in a way that makes sense and communicates well.

Sarah has worked with me to learn my personality and my business; she sees the value in really knowing her client and what they want to get out of the coaching relationship.  She helps to organize the chaos and break things down into actionable steps.

She has helped me to see that I’ve already got all of the pieces and skills that I need, and that the only thing left to do is organize and put it all together.  Combing through and acknowledging every important-to-me detail and producing beautiful, tangible results from the raw material.

If you need superstar support, work with her if you get the chance.

~Kelci Cannady works with energy, emotion, and the beauty of biology as a healing entity and transformation agent with an accent on emotional + physical health.  She guides you through taking a stand for your wellbeing with a positive, empowering, and transformational approach, listening to hidden messages so that we can access what’s really going on and release outdated programming that’s been serving to hold you back.  Moving what’s stuck through healing and embodiment practices, and reconnecting you to your own beautiful essence so that you can show up in life in a way that leaves you most fulfilled.

Questions? Let’s Talk….