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Marina Francis

Sarah’s style is an incredibly freeing way to work. Whatever we did was always dovetailed with her full-out invitation/reminder to stay true to who I am and how I want to create, NOT someone else’s “good idea”, or what worked for them.

~Marina Francis is the Founder of MarinaFrancis.com and has been a coach, counselor, and speaker with 18 years in the field of transformational growth

Jenn Visser

Working with Sarah has been the best! I felt so confident with guidance. She helped me a ton getting the structure of building a business from ground zero to up and running. I’m so appreciative of her coaching in both business and life because they're both so intertwined. Thanks, Sarah!

~Jenn Visser is a Certified Mind-Body Health Coach and certified RTT hypnotherapist. She helps women create a healthy relationship with food and body. Specializing in Mindset, Habits (Making and breaking) and Hypnotherapy.

Christina Grice

Sarah’s style is an incredibly freeing way to work...I chose to work with Sarah because she was so intentional in creating a space to do her best to understand who I was before we even had our first meeting...Sarah, starting from meeting number one, was able to connect with me on a level that was incredibly perceptive and relatable. She took the time to understand my message and conveyed it back to me in a way that not only was completely accurate but poetic.

~Christina Grice is the founder of BalanceWithChristina.com and helps women of color entrepreneurs profit in their business by balancing their lives and their money.

Kelci Cannady

Kelci Cannady

Working with Sarah is like a coaching turbo boost: an accelerated program of sweeping around and gathering all of the bits and pieces from your head, getting them OUT, piecing them together and recapturing them in a way that makes sense and communicates well.

Sarah has worked with me to learn my personality and my business; she sees the value in really knowing her client and what they want to get out of the coaching relationship.  She helps to organize the chaos and break things down into actionable steps.

She has helped me to see that I’ve already got all of the pieces and skills that I need, and that the only thing left to do is organize and put it all together.  Combing through and acknowledging every important-to-me detail and producing beautiful, tangible results from the raw material.

If you need superstar support, work with her if you get the chance.

~Kelci Cannady works with energy, emotion, and the beauty of biology as a healing entity and transformation agent with an accent on emotional + physical health.  She guides you through taking a stand for your wellbeing with a positive, empowering, and transformational approach, listening to hidden messages so that we can access what’s really going on and release outdated programming that’s been serving to hold you back.  Moving what’s stuck through healing and embodiment practices, and reconnecting you to your own beautiful essence so that you can show up in life in a way that leaves you most fulfilled.

Lindsey Antman

Sarah was an incredibly reliable and supportive resource throughout our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification program. When I found out she was leading a full day of business training at the live event in Colorado... I didn't hesitate to sign up immediately! I realized my main focus in business needed to be on refocusing myself... and wow did she help us do that!
I appreciate how flawlessly Sarah unites a room of individuals, who all come from different backgrounds, to feel comfortable identifying and sharing their goals and challenges. Some women had been in private practice for 10+ years, and some were just coming out of the gate... yet we all gained massive value from our time together because Sarah makes everything relatable. The most meaningful takeaway for me was learning how to communicate my message to other business owners and potential clients, in a way that generates the most authentic results and also fits my needs as a coach... I love how Sarah personalized this experience by identifying who each of us are and how we operate best in life. Knowing yourself is an essential part of running a successful business, and Sarah helped us understand things that no other business coach talks about!
- Lindsey Antman, Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

Mariella Danspeckgruber Borschow

I found Sarah because I really needed help focusing my coaching business. She guided me to discover what I am best at - and what my unique coaching style is so that I can attract the right clients. She is amazing at uncovering your voice and creating concise copy for whatever your marketing needs may be.

~Mariella is a certified eating psychology coach, yoga instructor and mindfulness coach. After working and living in the fast-paced corporate world for ten years where she witnessed and lived the effects of that environment, she has made it her mission to help clients tune in, and feel their absolute best so that they can function at their highest potential. 

Christine Blacke

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful coach, teacher, listener, cheerleader, etc. you are.

I am amazed how you can listen to what someone says (even if they don't know what they are trying to say), decipher it, and be able to put into words what is really at the heart of the conversation.

Working with people in this way is truly your calling!

~Christine Blacke is a writer who is launching Blacke Cat Tales, a space for new writers to receive a more holistic and honest approach to writing when you have a busy life

“I am a very new coach with no idea how to run a business. The way Sarah explained her ideations about creating a community for support for us coaches and having actually carried it out, was a breath of fresh air! The way Sarah explained the nuances of business were so refreshing because it wasnt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. She respected everyone’s boundaries and comfort zones and helped us brainstorm on how to get around those. The personal attention that she gave to each one of us was commendable! Way to go Sarah, keep up the great work, its really really changing lives!
Thanks a lot!”


-Ridhi Golechha