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Grow through experience

There’s a lot of pressure to grow a huge platform, launch an already successful and thriving coaching practice, and then present an illusion of success to clients. We aren’t about that, and it’s a sure path to eventual burnout or self-destruction. The best way to be in integrity with your work is to value and put experience first. That’s why the first place I always suggest every new coach work is on their coaching skills and personal development and then to get clear on their message, ideal client, and the best way they connect with potential clients.


Be self-aware and aware of your clients

There is no certification training that can teach you about you. Very few certification trainings ask you to also take into consideration how social, economic, and other factors impact your clients’ relationship to food and body. You can go get 10 more health coach certifications and you’ll have a lot of knowledge, and an emptier bank account, but you’ll still be seeking that missing piece: the power of self-awareness. A coach who knows themselves knows how to hold loving boundaries and how to stay curious and patient with clients and students. You’re better able to learn, internalize, and hold space for others and to take their experiences into account.


Create quality while honoring who you are

When you’ve put experience first, valued your own self-awareness, and have begun to really develop and understand your message and what kind of coach you are, you can create amazing programs and a beautiful presence in your marketing that you can be proud of. Put love and quality into everything you do: do the research, really show up for client sessions, write the edgy content, do the bold photoshoot of your dreams, put on memorable in-person events, design a course you’re excicted to teach, get on stage. Do it all, and care about the quality of it too. 

I'm Sarah Lucille BTW. 

My "Credentials" for those of you who care about such things:

Bachelor of Arts in History
Masters in Education
Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Holistic Health Coach
Director of Student Services and Communications at Institute for the Psychology of Eating
Mentor and Consultant to Coaches
Mom, Partner, Burlesque and Pole Dancer
Gemini, Queer as Can Be, In a Co-dependent Relationship With Coffee

The gist of what I do: I help holistic health coaches find the words to communicate how they help others and create their signature coaching programs.

I love to communicate and strategize, especially with wellness coaches. I understand how important your work is for your clients and for you. You chose a holistic approach because you care about your clients experiencing long term, sustainable results they can feel great about. I also get how challenging it is to capture all that you do in one elevator speech. You've been told to pick a niche, pick an ideal client, and promise results you don't feel great about promising.

I'm here to tell you, because I know from my own experience and my own work as someone very entrenched in the eating psychology coaching world, you do NOT need to do any of those things to connect with your best clients. In fact, they might actually slow you down. 

And because I'm a systems person and a learn-from-my-own-mistakes kind of lady, I went through the whole spending thousands of dollars, taking down my own businesses, and testing the crap out of everything to discover the important things. They took my own practice from petering to way over booked to the point I had to restructure! So they matter. It's not some formula either. I just had to get to the bottom of why so many marketing tips didn't work for almost every holistically focused health and wellness coach I met...

They weren't made to work for you. They were made by marketers who can build businesses through manipulation and deceit. You can't. 

For one, it literally makes you sick when you try. Doing anything out of alignment with your values is going to take you clean out. 

And second, your clients are smart like you and already suspicious because, let's face it, they've been in an abusive relationship with the dieting industry for too long. They're hungry for a fresh approach! That includes in your marketing. 

FINALLY: too many of those approaches counter who you are as a coach and result in your clients connecting with an idea of you...not you the coach. 

So, this is about learning who you are, developing your methodology and loving it, finding your signature program, and getting in front of YOUR best clients. That's what I love seeing happen in the world of coaching and that's why I created Coaching in Community, VIP Weekends, and my 12 Phase Approach!  

The Coach’s Journey…

Become The Coach

Here's what really grows a new coaching practice:
You + Knowing Your Methodology + Experience
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Communicate your message and connect with ideal clients by creating the images for your business that feel true to who you are and the message you share in your work. You really can tell a powerful story with just one image. Capture all the things you may be holding back.

What Kind of Coach Are You?

Struggling to find the words to describe what you do as a health coach, because your work encompasses so much?
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