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Grow through experience

There’s a lot of pressure to grow a huge platform, launch an already successful and thriving coaching practice, and then present an illusion of success to clients. We aren’t about that, and it’s a sure path to eventual burnout or self-destruction. The best way to be in integrity with your work is to value and put experience first. That’s why the first place I always suggest every new coach work is on their coaching skills and personal development and then to get clear on their message, ideal client, and the best way they connect with potential clients.


Be socially aware and self-aware

There is no certification training that can teach you about you. Very few certification trainings ask you to also take into consideration how social, economic, and other factors impact your clients’ relationship to food and body. You can go get 10 more health coach certifications and you’ll have a lot of knowledge, and an emptier bank account, but you’ll still be seeking that missing piece: the power of self-awareness. A coach who knows themselves knows how to hold loving boundaries and how to truly stay curious and patient with clients and students. You’re better able to learn, internalize, and hold space for others and to take their experiences into account.


Create quality while honoring who you are

When you’ve put experience first, valued your own self-awareness, and have begun to really develop and understand your message and what kind of coach you are, you can create amazing programs and a beautiful presence in your marketing that you can be proud of. Put love and quality into everything you do: do the research, really show up for client sessions, write the edgy content, do the bold photoshoot of your dreams, put on memorable in-person events, design a course you’re exicted to teach, get on stage. Do it all, and care about the quality of it too. 

Sarah Lucille

Bachelor of Arts in History, Masters in Education
Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Director of Student Services at Institute for the Psychology of Eating
Mentor and Consultant to Coaches
Mom, Partner, Burlesque and Pole Dancer
Queer as Can Be
In a Co-dependent Relationship With Coffee

I help new coaches, primarily health coaches, clearly communicate what they do and create online programs they’re proud of.

My two loves: communication + curriculum and program development

My preferred method: creating through collaboration and diligent research

My clients are usually new to their field or recently shifting their work to focus on a new way of coaching. They all have powerful stories and visions for how they want to work with clients. Their biggest challenge is finding the words to clearly communicate what they do, and what to focus on when it comes to creating courses and programs.

Since I could string words together to form a sentence, I've had a love for storytelling, writing, communicating, and talking (a lot!). So when you tell me you aren't sure how to describe what you do, or you feel blocked when it comes to creating content, or you get frustrated by the whole copywriting thing, I'm here for it and with you. 

Alix Lowry

Visual Consultant and Director at Empowered Queen
Graphic Design at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating
Photography for all humans
Musical Fanatic (#Wicked)
Parenting two littles with my partner Sarah

Also Queer as Can Be
I drink the hot chocolate the servers always think is for the kids...

My love is photography. It’s so much more than taking pictures. Every client I’ve worked with has said the same thing: when we worked together, they finally felt comfortable showing up more fully and showing off who they are in their pictures. Whether I’m directing your next photoshoot, or I’m helping you put together the graphics you want to use on your website and social media pages, it’s always my goal to bring as much of your vision and who you are into it, because that’s who people want to know!

That’s why it’s so important to me to take the time to get to know you and your vision so I can help you really bring that out in your pictures. I know being in front of the camera or being more visible online is a vulnerable thing and I don’t take it for granted. It’s my intention with every shoot to create the safest and most supportive experience so you can relax and really show off your creativity, your style, your personality, your mission, and everything that makes you unique.

You really can tell a powerful story with just one image. It’s your time to capture all the things you may be holding back. I will help you bring it out and have a fun experience at the same time.

I invite you to learn more here on the site. And if you’re ready to book a time to talk about your next project, you’ll find a button here to schedule a brief consult!

The Coach’s Journey…

Become The Coach

Release the pressure to present an image of what your life, health, and business are "supposed" to look like. Forget the "formulas," and the expectations of how you're supposed to do this work. Figure out what kind of coach YOU are. Figure what YOU do. Learn more about Coaching in Community

Create the Programs

Create unique, well-researched, and powerful online programs and courses that truly reflect who you are as a coach and your very important message. Learn and implement a collaborative approach to online health coaching programs and courses.

Capture Your message

Communicate your message and connect with ideal clients by creating the images for your business that feel true to who you are and the message you share in your work. You really can tell a powerful story with just one image. Capture all the things you may be holding back.