I’ve been sitting with the reality of potential loss, legacies, grief, and even our collective attachment to “time management.”  

Even while trying to figure out how I feel (with everything else going on), I felt the temptation to send my focus in 100 directions, to remind myself of all the the things to do…and what hasn’t been done.

Are you feeling that pressure right now?
One more year has passed and maybe things on your list are still “unchecked?”

We’re all familiar with an old friend and nemesis: overthinking…but here’s what I’m also having to learn to do: listen to so much more than the thoughts. 

The brain tends to do what the brain is meant to do: think.

BUT smart decision making about what to do needs so much more than the brain. (This is where mind body training has come into play in so much more than food related topics)

How you choose what’s best for you has a LOT to do with YOU  – in other words, we’re all different so it makes no sense to follow the same templates!

Gifted and experienced mentors helped me dig into the core of who I am to understand all the best ways I work. As a result, I truly do experience more ease than ever in my coaching and consulting work. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was a roller coaster of a ride for over 4 years to get to the simple lesson of “letting go” and I would never turn back.

Letting go meant…

Letting go of templates.
Letting go of needing it to all work now.
Letting go of attachment to certain narratives of how it’s supposed to be done.
Letting go of competition with other coaches, brands, voices, and message.

Letting go comes with learning to trust and then learning to listen to how you uniquely learn from and navigate the world – I promise you, it makes a world of difference when it comes to creating a coaching practice that matches who you are – where you can be you, where opportunities seem to come out of nowhere (but they’re no accident), and there’s more of a flow and less force.

There’s no formula to this in my experience. There’s just doing the work (getting experience!) and accepting the guidance you need to get there.

So if someone asked if there was a lesson I wished I had known when I started it was to slow down and truly take time to know who you are. 

That’s why when I onboard a new client, we spend the first 60-90 minutes focused solely on you as an individual – how you think, how you respond to different situations, what moves you, what you fear, what you desire, and what truly drives you.

I won’t write a word of copy or set up a single webpage with new clients without that first session anymore, because it really does matter. 

From there, we can do the work that’s more focused and less directed by generic templates.

And you know what, this lesson about letting go, it really does apply everywhere. This fear I’m feeling, the temptation to hide under my to do list, I’m so grateful for the guidance I received and the work I put into self-awareness to know exactly what I’m up to and get back to the important, but still challenging process of trusting and letting go.

What do you think your lesson is right now?

Sarah Lucille