How does creating show up in your work as a health coach?
Is coaching creative?
Here’s what I love about the word create when looking into its etymology…
It is connected to Cerēs, the Roman goddess of the bounty (harvest).

Ceres’ name also derives from the root *ḱerh₃-, meaning “to satiate, to feed.”
Also connected to the root crescere, meaning “to grow”

So creating is about growth and abundance…and I LOVE that “to satiate” is in there as well.

In eating psychology and mind body eating coaching, many clients express fear of their appetite, and to feel full can feel…well like a failure. It’s a misplaced fear.

So to be hungry, it feels like you achieved something, like you won the willpower battle.

But the body doesn’t agree, and it results in stress to the digestive system, nervous system, and so on.

And I found, over the years, most new health coaching clients (like me) were hungry…in so many so hungry for life.

Hungry for satisfaction, pleasure, love, joy, laughter, free time, connection, intimacy, touch, all of it.

That hunger, that empty feeling they learned to fight and to celebrate as a dieting victory against appetite, it was a hunger to create.

And so, I wonder, how many of us are feeding ourselves with creativity?
How many of us are giving ourselves permission to push outside the bounds of what’s considered “professional” to do great, creative, original work with clients?
I met a health coach one who took her clients to Karaoke – and it was a healing experience for many.

It’s a worthwhile question to think about for both yourself, your practice, but also with your clients. Rather than just talking about food, ask how creativity is showing up in their lives.

How do you create with clients? (Or how would you like to?)