To the newer health and wellness coach about to enroll in yet another certification training or course…

You wonder if you’re not experienced enough yet, trained enough, knowledgeable enough, ready enough… so you may look into more trainings, more marketing courses, more distractions when you know you’ve already spent thousands in this area.

What do you think it takes to be ready?

How do you think your favorite teachers, mentors, guides, and educators gained the qualifications to have such an impact on your life?

Education? Sure, some. And for some, lots. And for some NONE in the way we think of it in our society.

Trainings? Yes, some. And for some, lots or NONE at all in the way we think of Training in our society.

Natural talent and skills? Of course. We all have a knack for something.

Most of all though, it comes down to EXPERIENCE. (and other things of course, but we will always feel when someone has led with putting their work and experience first and grew in their practice through doing their work.)

And, how can you gain more experience and grow when you’re perpetually seeking to do more, prove yourself, be more, feel like enough first before getting started on anything?

Graphic by Alix Lowry