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what’s truly missing from the experience of building an outstanding coaching practice? It’s the becoming a coach part

You didn’t really get into health coaching because you wanted to be the best marketer or salesperson or even copywriter. It’s more likely that most of that stuff gives you a headache and takes up the time you could be spending working with clients. 

You may be finishing a new training, or exploring a more holistic approach to health coaching, and you, like so many before you, feel the immediate pressure to present a thriving business and online presence, before there’s the experience to back it up.

You also know you can’t keep offering free coaching if you’re going to sustain this and grow your impact.

There’s just a lot of uncertainty when it comes to building a coaching practice, and not enough guidance for new coaches.

That’s why we do what we do.

When you’re clear on who you are as coach and your unique message you can create the kind of signature coaching programs and services that will make you the go-to food and body coach in your community.

Lead with your message and with experience. The rest follows.

Become The Coach

Here's what really grows a new coaching practice:
You + Knowing Your Methodology + Experience
Experience the Coaching in Community approach and learn the 12 Phases to Building Your Coaching Practice

Create Your Signature Program

Ready to launch. Create the Signature Program you offer clients over and over again. You get to showcase your coaching skills, work with only the best clients for you, and have the structure to expand.

Capture Your message

Communicate your message and connect with ideal clients by creating the images for your business that feel true to who you are and the message you share in your work. You really can tell a powerful story with just one image. Capture all the things you may be holding back.

About Us

Sarah loves connecting through words. Alix loves bringing out your vision through photography. Together, we make a great team for all of our clients to get the same holistic approach they offer their health coaching clients. 

Articles and Video Resources

Here you’ll find free articles, video tutorials, images, and other resources…

Letting Go in Your Coaching Practice

Letting Go in Your Coaching Practice

I’ve been sitting with the reality of potential loss, legacies, grief, and even our collective attachment to “time management.”   Even while trying to figure out how I feel (with everything else going on), I felt the temptation to send my focus in 100 directions, to...

A short letter to new health coaches

A short letter to new health coaches

A short letter to new health coaches: Let yourself be new at this. Let yourself make mistakes. Let yourself start. Let yourself learn through experience. I know there are so many things to learn along the way...the technology is enough to make most great health...

Marina Francis

Sarah’s style is an incredibly freeing way to work. Whatever we did was always dovetailed with her full-out invitation/reminder to stay true to who I am and how I want to create, NOT someone else’s “good idea”, or what worked for them.

~Marina Francis is the Founder of MarinaFrancis.com and has been a coach, counselor, and speaker with 18 years in the field of transformational growth

Jenn Visser

Working with Sarah has been the best! I felt so confident with guidance. She helped me a ton getting the structure of building a business from ground zero to up and running. I’m so appreciative of her coaching in both business and life because they're both so intertwined. Thanks, Sarah!

~Jenn Visser is a Certified Mind-Body Health Coach and certified RTT hypnotherapist. She helps women create a healthy relationship with food and body. Specializing in Mindset, Habits (Making and breaking) and Hypnotherapy.

Christina Grice

Sarah’s style is an incredibly freeing way to work...I chose to work with Sarah because she was so intentional in creating a space to do her best to understand who I was before we even had our first meeting...Sarah, starting from meeting number one, was able to connect with me on a level that was incredibly perceptive and relatable. She took the time to understand my message and conveyed it back to me in a way that not only was completely accurate but poetic.

~Christina Grice is the founder of BalanceWithChristina.com and helps women of color entrepreneurs profit in their business by balancing their lives and their money.

Lindsey Antman

Sarah was an incredibly reliable and supportive resource throughout our Mind Body Eating Coach Certification program. When I found out she was leading a full day of business training at the live event in Colorado... I didn't hesitate to sign up immediately! I realized my main focus in business needed to be on refocusing myself... and wow did she help us do that!
I appreciate how flawlessly Sarah unites a room of individuals, who all come from different backgrounds, to feel comfortable identifying and sharing their goals and challenges. Some women had been in private practice for 10+ years, and some were just coming out of the gate... yet we all gained massive value from our time together because Sarah makes everything relatable. The most meaningful takeaway for me was learning how to communicate my message to other business owners and potential clients, in a way that generates the most authentic results and also fits my needs as a coach... I love how Sarah personalized this experience by identifying who each of us are and how we operate best in life. Knowing yourself is an essential part of running a successful business, and Sarah helped us understand things that no other business coach talks about!
- Lindsey Antman, Holistic Nutrition & Eating Psychology Coach

Mariella Danspeckgruber Borschow

I found Sarah because I really needed help focusing my coaching business. She guided me to discover what I am best at - and what my unique coaching style is so that I can attract the right clients. She is amazing at uncovering your voice and creating concise copy for whatever your marketing needs may be.

~Mariella is a certified eating psychology coach, yoga instructor and mindfulness coach. After working and living in the fast-paced corporate world for ten years where she witnessed and lived the effects of that environment, she has made it her mission to help clients tune in, and feel their absolute best so that they can function at their highest potential. 

Christine Blacke

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful coach, teacher, listener, cheerleader, etc. you are.

I am amazed how you can listen to what someone says (even if they don't know what they are trying to say), decipher it, and be able to put into words what is really at the heart of the conversation.

Working with people in this way is truly your calling!

~Christine Blacke is a writer who is launching Blacke Cat Tales, a space for new writers to receive a more holistic and honest approach to writing when you have a busy life

What Kind of Coach Are You?

Struggling to find the words to describe what you do as a health coach, because your work encompasses so much?
You’re too multi-passionate to narrow it down, right?
Afraid to limit yourself or repel potential clients if you pick an area to focus on?
Stop stressing over your niche! Learn to communicate clearly about your work with this free PDF.